Suspension of Electric Fiat 500e

What is the difference between the electric Fiat 500 suspension and the combustion version? Apart from the same delicate differences in the width of the car and the wheeling. The electric version of the Fiat 500 has an incomparably larger torque than the combustion version. Electric motors are characterized by full torque from zero rpm. It is worth pointing out that combustion engines reach the highest torque most often around 3000 – 3500 rpm. They also rarely spin more slowly than 900 revolutions/mins. Therefore, in order to be able to dynamically drive with the internal combustion engine, it is necessary to transfer the drive in the form of clutch discs and gearbox.

The electric Fiat 500e has one fixed gear ratio of 9.59:1 on the one hand connected directly to the engine drive shaft. On the other hand, through the pumpkins and semi-axles directly on the front wheels. The difference in the torque of the electric Fiat 500 from the combustion version required an increase of almost 1/4 (23%). The Fiat 500e semi-axles met the requirements of increased torque only with reinforced joints. The new half-axle joints provide 53% higher torsion strength: 2600 Nm compared to 1700 Nm in the 500. To maintain these additional 900 Niutonometers of the force of the “twisting” semi-axle, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles designed enhanced, remaining parts of suspension, such as wishbones, mcpherson columns, bearings, etc.. Etc..

Finding out in one of the Panda Fiats or even in some Ford with liter slots, spare parts suspensions, having an “identical” spacing of mounting holes or a case, is really a very bad idea. These components are not designed to carry more than half the larger torsion torque. Very often their accelerated and increased wear and simply not adapting to a given model of electric vehicle causes damage to other much more expensive components, the damage of which we would not expect under normal conditions. The apparent saving of ‘a few canteens’ may end up repairing for ‘a few weeks’ or could also pose a security risk to you and other road users.

Therefore, with all our heart, we advise you to purchase only the original parts of Mopar imported from the USA. The electric suspension of the Fiat 500e will be fully safe only on the original spare parts. Which we order after verifying the WIN number of your car at the manufacturer. Thanks to this, we are 100% sure that the ordered part is certainly fit for your car. Ordering blindly, after describing with ebaya, replacements from the US, can come out much more expensive if it turns out that something does not fit and we need to refer to the states and order again. The prices of Chinese replacements offered in the United States may seem very attractive, but after the addition of transportation costs and customs duties, the spell disappears. After summing up everything, the price of replacements brought from the States, I become slightly lower than the original parts of mopar, ordered after verification of the body number of your car at the manufacturer.

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