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Remote (via wikipedia:)  “Remote control, commonly known as a remote. Remote control car, a car that can be controlled from a distance. Remote desktop or operating system, can be controlled by another system device – Remote operation.”)

 Electro AutoBodo remotely is not an RC car.  It’s full size remote controlled, diagnoseble, High speed, nulti freq.  CAN Network, with more than 20 computers module. To clarify this is the computer diagnostic service of electric Fiat 500e” using remote connection technology. In view of the growing number of inquiries not only from Europe but from all over the world, we have decided to introduce a new service that will definitely facilitate initial diagnosis and allow us to adequately prepare for possible repairs, which significantly reduces Time and cost of repairing your Fiat 500e. In many cases Electro AutoBodo Remotely will completely eliminate the necessity of our arrival at the place, thus reducing the cost of the entire operation to a minimum. 

A remote connection to your electric 500 can be accomplished in two ways:

 In the first case, if you have access to a diagnostic computer WiTech MicroPod2 or VCI Pod. Simply make a reservation through our website, paying the first hour in advance. Then you connect the car to your computer at the scheduled time and give me remote access to the desktop via the free UltraVNC apps

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If there is no WiTech diagnostic machine in your area, we realize that even an older version of the WiTech VCI Pod can be profitable for the whole project. 

MOPAR VCI price for more than $4.500
MOPAR VCI price for more than $4.500

Electro AutoBodo Remotely SET

Electro AutoBodo Remote SET


Electro AutoBodo Remote SET Diagnostic computer

Therefore, we have designed and prepared for you a very easy to use diagnostic computer, which we offer in the form of rental for the duration of our service: Electro AutoBodo Remotely SET. This time the service reservation is done after signing the contract and paying the rental costs and the deposit for the diagnostic computer. 

After receiving the consignment, it is sufficient that you connect our computer with the LAN cable to the internet, then power 12V from the onboard battery and of course the OBDII plug. After turning the key in the ignition, all the rest, including informing us about the active remote session is done automatically. After the service is completed, you will refer the diagnostic computer in the same box. After checking the security seals, we refund the deposit for the device.  

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