Fiat 500e Specs

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Fiat 500e Specs

Fiat 500e specifications, full model specification from 2013 year. Manufactured at the Assembly plant: Toluca, Mexico. Launch date: Second quarter 2013 As a model from 2013,


System: Front-wheel
drive: Single steel body


Type and Description: Durable magnetic electric traction with electric stop latch Po
wer: 111 HP (83 kW)
Torque: 200 N •
mMax. Speed (estimated): 137 km/h

Fuel consumption-electricity.

EPA estimated km per litre Fuel c
onsumption label: More
than 51.9 km/lAutostr
ada: greater than 45.9 km/Ltotal
: above 49.3 km/ldriving
Range (estimated) City
typically: Over 160 Kmtot
al, label: Over 128 Kmemissio
ns: Zero emissions Vehicle (ZEV)

Fiat 500e Chassis

The Fiat 500e chassis includes a high voltage battery system (HV): 24 KWH CHILLED/HEATED LITHIUM-ION BATTERY. 24 kilowatt-hour (kWh) HV battery with 97 lithium-ion cells, 364 Volts temperatu
re Management System: 4 modes: Thermal alignment, passive cooling, active cooling and active Heatingbuilt-in ch
arging module (OBCM): 6.6 kW with Transformation of alternating current to direct current with level 1 or level 2W
eight: 600 Funt
óall Electric charging time Fiat 500: Level
1 (240 V) 16A: Less than 8 Hourslevel
2 (240 V) 32A: Less than 4 Hours inver
ter Module: DC-to-AC and DC-To-Dc
zlink: SAE J1772


The VEHICLE COOLING MODULE consists of aluminium soldered heatsinks, aluminium condenser and cooling fan

Fiat 500e Drivetrain

The Fiat 500e drivetrain has a single-speed gearbox that is a constant ratio.

59:1Gear Ratio) 9,


Battery: 12 V, 500 CCA, maintenance-free


Front Suspension: Macpherson suspension, double-strut spring, and Stabilizer
: rear steering axle with screw springs and double shocks

Steering wheel

Type: Sprockets with electric steering column (EPS) Total r
atio: 16.3 In: 1 turn
ing Diameter (from Curb to Curb): 9.13 m ste
ering wheel (from lock to lock): 3.0


Brake Rearmost
and Rotor type: 11.0 x 0.87 (284 x 22) vented with Recovery braking Size and t
ype of clamp: 2.13 (54) Single-piston with aluminum Enclosure

Rear Brakes and
Rotor type: fixed 9.4 x 0.4 (251 x 11) with Recovery braking Size an
d Clamp Type: 1.50 (38 in) single piston with aluminium housing


  • Wheelbase: 2300mm
  • … Wheels, Front: 1, 407mm
  • … Wheels, Rear: 1397mm
  • Total Length: 3617mm
  • Total width: 1627mm
  • Total Height: 1527mm
  • Ground clearance: 115mm
  • Own weight: 1355kg
  • Weight distribution, front/rear: 57%/43%

All dimensions measured with the weight of the standard tyres.


Tires size and type: 185/55R15 BSW throughout the SEA
SFR. and model: Firestone Firehawk Gthrevolut
ions per km: 563 miles


Aluminium die-cast wheels, five-hole design, laced Argento (silver) with Nero accents (black) Size:
15 x 5.5 (front) and 15 x 6.5 (rear)

E-Sport Package availabilit
y: Type and material die-cast aluminium, five-hole design, painted with Nero paint Arancio Elec
tricoaccented perl inserts (electric orange three-layer paint) siz
e 15 x 5.5 (front) and 15 x 6.5 (rear)

Fiat 500e Technical Data source EVFC

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