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Electro AUTOBODO at Mirano (Venice)

Electro AutoBodo at Mirano (Venice)

Electro AUTOBODO worked in Mirano (Venice) where we took care of the fleet of Esergetica, specializing in supplying photovoltaic installations. Photovoltaic installation and electric car are the perfect combination. Therefore, it is not surprising why they decided to bring a dozen electric cars from the USA.

Esergetica is an Italian company so the choice could not fall on a different car than the classic in the modern edition of the electric Fiat 500e

The main task of Electro AutoBodo in Venice

Our main task was to check and prepare cars for driving.

From the visual assessment of the state of all high voltage installations. After complete computer diagnosis and execution of necessary updates and recurrent actions such as U69

Fiat 500e damage to battery casing
Fiat 500e damage to battery casing

In one case, thanks to the experience of our technicians, it was possible to detect serious damage to the battery casing and the high voltage socket in the seemingly non-damaged Fiat 500e. This time the damage was hidden behind the lower aerodynamic shields, which, after being indented, returned to its shape. For this reason, it has effectively masked the problem. Crushed corner and hole in the bottom metal part of the battery case. In addition, damage to the upper lid of the fiberglass was sufficient to exclude the enclosure from use. However, the enclosure was not damaged, lithium batteries. It was too bad to cross out such good batteries, so we put all the contents of the package into the undamaged recovery case. Why the tightness of the package is so important and what damage can cause even the smallest hole in the battery we have already written on our blog: repair of the salvage electric car.

It is worth emphasizing that this car did not take part in the accident and only invaded the obstacle on the ground. The remainder of the package as well as the whole car did not carry the smallest traces of damage. Therefore, you should consider doing a review before or after purchasing Fiat 500e in a service with the most experience in repairing electrical 500 fiat in Europe.

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