BPCM 47% "not ready" Fiat 500e in 3 days

another Electric Fiat, which came to us on a truck, straight from the port. Limited Power Mode, battery status 47% or 0%. – known problem: discharged high-voltage battery below the operating level.

The car arrived at us on Tuesday. It turned out that he was involved in the collision but the impact was not strong enough. This did not block itself through the built-in accelerometer. Despite this, just in case, we reviewed the entire electrical installations of the car.

charging in progress

We were able to proceed only on Friday. After removing the package, the charge status, measured at 6 targets in a row, was 1.98V or 0.33V for one purpose. That’s about ten times less than it should have discharged up to 0% fiat 500e. Why is this? Lito-Ion batteries, consisting of fiat‘s high-voltage electric voltage package, only range from about 3 V to 4V. Thus, the entire high voltage package consisting of 97 cells has about 400V when it is charged at 100%. And more than 300V when the charge indicator indicates 0%.

The high-voltage fiat battery was raised late on Friday evening with a power of nice Amperach. Thanks to our constantly developed system of picking up packages, the battery was raised later on Sundays. And what follows, today (Monday) morning, the car was already ready to pick up. BPCM 47% “not ready” Fiat 500e in 3 days because so much time took a real repair. From picking up the car from the port and delivering to us, ready to repair the BPCM 47% “not ready” Fiat 500e in less than 6 days!!! 😀

Conditions for the execution of a trial ride completely different from the recent repairs. In the morning, the thermometer showed 1 degree of heat. During the 3 test, the car was completely cold. Not waiting for the battery to heat up, I made only two starts up to 70km/h. In both trials, motor power indicated a maximum of 84kW. As for 83kW engine and battery at 2 degrees is a really good result.

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