Electric car Service

Electro AutoBodo Electric car Service

Electric car Service

Welcome to the world of electro-mobility!


Electric car Service

The first “genuine” Polish electric car service. We have been a car mechanic for many years now. Thanks to this we are known and appreciated in Łódź as a service AutoBodo. Only the purchase of our first electric car fascinated us with this technology. We have met all the secrets of our Fiat 500e over a year of time. Therefore, today we are proud to be able to make our debut as the best electric service Fiat 500e in Poland!


Battery repair and regeneration of electric and hybrid cars.

Repair and regeneration of high voltage batteries (HV) of zero-emission and hybrid cars. Replacement of defective target and high-voltage battery isolators. Remove problems related to too deep discharge. Reports of high-voltage battery consumption status. Overhaul of electric cars.


Full computer diagnostics for electric cars

We perform full computer diagnostics of electric cars using top-notch equipment. As a result, we program and delete errors from all the centrbasins and car drivers.

What’s most noteworthy as the first we solved the problem of “blocked” Fiat 500e! The result of our work is best checked by watching the performance of our regenerated high-voltage battery for Fiat 500e

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Best electric Fiat 500e service in Europe

We provide comprehensive service of electric Fiat 500e. Full mechanical and electronic service including the repair of high voltage batteries. For the last two years by our hands, no one fleet of electric Fiat 500e has gone. We have fixed them in several workshops and not only in Poland. At the moment we have already partnered with workshops around the world, diagnoting the so-called. “Difficult cases”. The experience we have gained in this time has been confirmed by the need to launch a new diagnostic service and tool on the market. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our new product: Remote computer diagnostics Fiata 500e: Electro AutoBodo Remotely

Electric and hybrid car service


Electro AutoBodo at Mirano (Venice)

Electro AUTOBODO at Mirano (Venice)

Electro AUTOBODO worked in Mirano (Venice) where we took care of the fleet of Esergetica, specializing in supplying photovoltaic installations. Photovoltaic installation and electric car are the perfect combination. Therefore, it is not surprising why they decided to bring a dozen electric cars from the USA. Esergetica is an Italian company, so the choice could not be a different car than […]

Fiat 500e Specs

Fiat 500e Specs

Fiat 500e Technical Data Fiat 500e specifications, full model specification from 2013 year. Manufactured at the Assembly plant: Toluca, Mexico. Launch date: Second quarter 2013 As a model from 2013, BODY/CHASSIS System: Front-Wheel Drive: Single steel body ELECTRIC MOTOR Type and Description: Durable magnetic electric traction with electric Standoff latch Power […]

49% not ready Fiat 500e

47% not ready Fiat 500e

47% not ready Fiat 500e 49% not ready Fiat 500e when received from port. This is a common problem with these electric cars during a long time not To use – e.g. Transport from the United States. This Problem should resolve the service action or update U69. And it consists of charging a 12V battery with HV battery – high voltage well below […]

Accident repair of electric car

Accident repair of electric car

The repair of a salvage electric car from the states is often not “difficult” and very costly. Unfortunately, often even gently struck cars can have hidden slight defects. Which are left unrepaired lead to greater damage. That was the case with the last electric Fiat 500e that hit us. It all started very simply. Electric Fiat brought from the states […]

Restoration of the Li-Ion Fiata 500e Battery

Rebuilding the Fiata 500e battery.

Rebuilding the Fiata 500e battery. Rebuilding the Fiat 500e battery after a failed repair attempt has been successfully completed! This time it wasn’t easy. The batteries were tried to fix in the Domatorski way. Due to the use of an inadequate charger, the components of the battery electronics, as well as irreversible damage, have undergone several battery targets. In the battery, we replaced the damaged targets, burned battery balancers and the “main computer” […]

Hybrid Battery Repair

Hybrid Battery Repair

Repair Hybrid Battery repair of Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery in Łódź. Full computer diagnostics of Toyota Prius Traction battery. That is, replacing and regeneration of the damaged target. Regeneration of hybrid battery Toyota Prius, Auris, Lexusa GS450h or 200CTh.  When your Toyota or Lexus displays the information Check Hybrid System. The diagnostic computer then shows the error codes: P0A80 and P0A7F. Visit Electro AutoBodo Łódź service.  Battery […]

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